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Jackie Granchamps

Cecile St. Arromand

Our Inspiration

People often ask why I named my company Cecile's. The name itself means "blind of self beauty" and belonged to several women in my family, most recently my great aunt Cecile. Tante Cecile was famous for her love of the exquisite and was known for her shrewd assessment on quality. Only the best would do! Her standard of excellence became the benchmark to meet in life and no matter how impossible, you strived for it - and basked in that rare compliment like a cat in a patch of sun on the coldest winter day. When I got word that she loved that first box of soaps and cremes I sent, I knew that I had arrived. As I look back at the time she spent forcing me to fix my clothes + mind my manners + stop running everywhere, I now know she was training me for this very day. Tante Cecile is gone now but her lessons live on in the smallest details of Cecile's products - tiny paper pleats, subtle pinstriped boxes, slender satin ribbons, and smooth, silken skin

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